Blue Moon of Kentucky


Pat, Red und Ted are the „Kentucky Chickens“ – a Rockabilly-Band, who had their best days long ago. After a Band Reunion Concert has been not quite as expected, they decide to revive the good old times. But this turns out to be harder than in their glorious youth.


Shortfilm (12 minutes)

Executive Producer: Skalar Film GmbH

Producer: Nora Lemke

Screenplay & Director: Josef Brandl

DoP: Fabio Stoll

Shoot: 6th until 10th of November 2018

Location: Hamburg

Production-Funding by the Filmfund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein GmbH

Certified „green shooting“ by the Filmfund Hamburg

ClujShorts 2020, Romania (competition)

Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche, Germany (Special Screening)

Tresen Film Festival Dortmund, Germany

Filmkunstfest MV 2020 – digital, Schwerin, Germany (Shortfilm-Screening)

Praque Independent Film Festival, Czech Republic (Competition)

26. Kurzfilmtage Thalmässing – digital, Germany (Competition)

Rüsselsheimer Filmtage – digital, Germany (Competition)

BUSHO, Budapest Short Film Festival, Hungary (Competition)

Fünf Seen Filmfestival, Bavaria, Germany (Competition)

PAT: Jan Henrik Stahlberg

RED: Milton Welsh

TED: Hans-Jürgen Alf

MONIKA: Gundula Niemeyer

CLEANING WOMAN: Liudmyla Vasylieva

Editor: Robert Strauß

Music Supervisor: Gerrit Winterstein

Costumes: Denise Agyei-Manu, Coline Meret Lola Jud

Setdesign: Denise Meinholz, Sandra Wessberg

Make-Up: Anja Jegrischnik, Tamina Zühlke

Sound: Daniel de Homont

First AD: Johannes Simon Becker

Script / Continuity: Niklas Hauschildt

Gaffer: Peter Assmann